Whatever you want today is yours. It has to be yours. It is the law.

Today is a good day for you babe. Today is a day that you have never seen. A day with infinite opportunities. Enjoy being here because you are eager to see all the goodness this life has to offer you. Amazing opportunities will rain in for you today. You are blessed. You are taken care of. Trust that everything is working in your favor.  Everything is working out fine for you.

Whatever you want today is yours. It has to be yours. It is the law. You are deserving of all the amazing things you want to have. You get to have your way in this. You are THAT Girl already. You walk like her, you talk like her, you are HER. You deserve the best of all good things you want. 

Remember your worthiness. You are a princess receiving princess treatment. You can have your way! Top tier for you is the only thing that will work for you. The best of the best. You expect the best. You receive the best. You are so confident in yourself that you know what to say, what to do and how to move. You are aligned with the source that is goodness. You came from this power. You are made up of this power. 

Your hair looks good, your skin looks good, your body looks good. You know how to talk, how to walk, how to move. You are intentional in all you do. You take your time and you enjoy and appreciate every moment you have. You rest in your present. Because you know the present is where your presents are. You are always in the moment unwrapping blessings after blessings after blessings after blessings. You are the chosen one. You are greatness in human form.

You are intelligent, you are beautiful, you take care of yourself and your things. You know what you have and you make the best of what you have. Everyday is a good day for you. Because you know how to enjoy it. You know how to have fun. You know how to play today. You have a life that is filled with love. People care and appreciate you. You have a heart of joy. You find joy in life with the simplest things. You are happy. A beautiful happy go lucky one. 

Your days will be filled with rewards. Stay confident in yourself. You know your worth and you stand in that. From where you stand, know that everything is working out and is in your favor. You have to know this in order for it to be true. Remain confident and stand firm in what you believe. You are amazing, you are great and you are THAT Girl. Just show up like it and let everything else just magically fall into place.

Whatever you want today is yours. It has to be yours. It is the law.
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