5 self-care habits for the new year

Hi Pretti Babes,  here are some self-care habits for the new new!

Implement more self-care habits to develop a routine that works best for you to improve your life.

Make a List of Positive Aspects:

Make a list of positive aspects and things in your life. You will feel gratitude about the things you have. You will gain appreciation for them. When you appreciate life more and the things you do have, your life becomes better. Your no longer looking at what you don’t have but what you do have. Then you realized it is way more than your realize.

Listen to a New Podcast:

I love podcast. I actually listen to a Podcast at least once a day. I really enjoy interviews.  Listening to understandings of life and subjects. I listen to podcast that are entertaining, informative, spiritual and even educational in subjects I find interesting. It helps to expand my mind and learn new things. Try listening to a podcast today.

Create a 90 Day Plan :

Develop a plan for something you want to accomplish. Break them up into small tasks, easy to complete and appreciate yourself as you progress. Every step forward counts! You are developing new habits that will create good routines. This will work in your favor for your goals you want to achieve. Write it out, complete easy tasks and appreciate your forward movement closer to your goals.

Clean out your phone:

The new year is in a couple days and you need more space in your phone for new memories. Clean your phone out, get rid of pictures, videos, extra apps and music you don’t listen to or want. It’s time to get organized and allow your phone to be efficient. Download apps that will benefit and get rid of unnecessary things in your phone.

Wake up early:

The earlier you wake up the best time you have with getting ready and prepared for the day. The time you spend in the morning preparing your self for the day sets the tone of the day. Was everything in place for you this morning? Did you set the Morning Mood? Play some music to set the tone of morning. Do some journaling, meditation, prayer and yoga. Eat a good breakfast. Was you able to really dress yourself in a presentable way and still make good timing? Take that time to make your morning better so you can have an even better day.


In conclusion here is a summary list of Self-Care Habits you can start. They will put you in a good path for the New Year.


💫Write a list of positive things

💫Listen to a new podcast

💫Create a 90 plan

💫Clean out your phone

💫Wake up early

Here is a video where I speak about these self care habits. 



Thank you for reading 💕


5 self-care habits for the new year
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