Affirmations are a lifestyle.

Good Morning Pretti Babes! Today is 1/16/2023 and I am starting to write this at 9:13am. I am so appreciative to be writing this to you. Today is going to be a great day. “Amazing opportunities are all around you and they will  present themselves to you now.” Allow that to be your affirmation for today. 

Speaking of Affirmations. What are affirmations? They are phases or statements that you repeat by speaking, thinking or writing. These words shift your mindset about how you want to see and experience life. 

Affirmations is a form of learning how to speak again. Learning how to say things in a way to benefit you. You have a vast vocabulary, explore your dictionary and learn to use words in your favor. 

Affirmations are a  lifestyle. Once you understand the power of your words you will change the way you respond to life. You direct the path with your words. Affirmation is confirmation of creation. Once you think a thought and speak it you begin  to bring those thoughts into your reality. Then you will truly realize what you are saying. 

Whether you are talking about yourself or others. Whether you are talking about what you are doing or what others are doing. You are creating the art and design of your life and what you will experience. There is power in the tongue. Power in the spoken word. Your words are your golden keys inside of your treasure chest. 

So today be mindful of your words and what you say. If you say things that are not at your benefit today then rework the words to make it sound better. Think of your words as verbal storytelling. The story you are telling is the story of your life. 

What are you writing in your story? What are you talking about today? What are you thinking about today? Is it how everything is working out well for you, how everything is working in your favor. How you are good at all things you do. How you take your time to do things well. These are the words that will bring you to your desires. Which is for things to go well for you and for you to have a great life.

Affirmations are a  lifestyle.
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