When you are beginning to feel stagnant in life. Find new hobbies....

Today is Thursday. Thursdays are always special for me. I always say this because I was born on a Thursday. 

This morning was pretty good. Skyler woke up well and we began to get dressed. We brush our teeth and wash our faces together.  We got ready and everything was pretty smooth. I really enjoy the process of getting ready in the morning. I enjoy doing my makeup and my hair. I enjoy dressing myself and making myself look and smell nice. I put on my Chanel perfume every morning and I take my multivitamin and my probiotics. 

Before I begin everything in the morning I look at my quote in my room that says. Let us be silent so we may hear the whisper of God. It reminds me to be slow at speaking, and use my words wisely. Because our words are powerful. When I am silent I am more aware of the witnessing of things coming together for me. 

I say my prayers and begin speaking and listening to  my affirmations. Those things make me feel good in the morning. When I feel good, I do good. 

I want to look nice, smell nice, sound nice and feel nice therefore taste nice to myself and others. I want to put a good taste in my mouth about myself and I want others to have a good taste in their mouth about me. So I carry myself in goodness, I follow goodness  and goodness flows and follows me. 

I had a pretty good day today. I work well. I actually stayed focused and gained some organization at work today. That's always good. I always feel good when I am working towards my goals at work. I appreciate my job so much that I have so much freedom that I am learning how to guide myself into practices that work well for me. It's taken me three years to get here but I am here and better than ever. 

Side Note

I don't care to be relatable. I want the best for me and the best for others as well. So I only speak life unto myself and others. That's all I will give my attention too.

Gym Day One

My days usually consist of me taking my son to school, going to work, picking my son up and coming home. Unless I have to stop at a store to get something. 

 I went to the Gym today. That was the change in routine for today. I actually enjoyed my time there. I decided to go to the gym to occupy my time for an hour. It gives me something productive to do. 

They tell you to be around like minded people. So if I am around active people then I will become an active person. They say birds of a feather flock together. What a perfect place to be, especially to see new faces. My desire is to develop a community there. To have a group of active friends. I want the right people to gravitate towards me. In the most natural and comfortable ways. 

Hopefully this will inspire all Pretti Babes to add something new to their daily routine. When you are beginning to feel stagnant in life. Find new hobbies. This is apart of my self-care journey. 

Good Night Pretti Babes, I will talk to you again tomorrow.

When you are beginning to feel stagnant in life. Find new hobbies....
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